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In 2019 we took over a bricks-&-mortar business in an affluent & educated community that had been eroded by it's owners sociopathic nature. We spent 4 years trying to re-build, spending 100s of thousands of dollars with the hope that our honest and friendly nature would help us sustain a reasonable income to afford us to contribute more broadly to the community.
Unfortunately, the previous owners demeanour + overseas-owned corporate competitors (A.K.A "BIG-Optical") have been unrelenting and continued to funnel $$$ into marketing to our market with aggressive "race to the bottom" tactics. The result, has been lost business & challenging mental health.
Despite the adverse financial & health impact that this journey has had, we have built up a small loyal group of customers who wish to follow us wherever we go. For 2023, we are moving into our garage and online. 
Online only from 1/1/2023
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