Terracycle - About Sight's coffee pod recycling partner

In 2019 when About Sight was founded, its founder (Ben Hill) wanted to ensure that it wasn't just another business selling stuff and making a few dollars. Instead, he set strategic sustainability goals to put the planet first. 


One of these goals was to help reduce landfill.


Ben was already familiar with a group named Terracycle through personal experience, and had identified a declining trend in used coffee pod deposit locations in the previous 5 years.


Ben jumped on the opportunity, and reached out to Terracycle to see whether they could forge a partnership. Turns out, they could!


Ben worked to ensure that About Sight was listed on the Terracycle website, and then went to procure a deposit bin from EcoBin (A local Melbourne start-up). John & Fred at Ecobin did a great deal for About Sight, and so began the collection.


For the first week nothing happened, but then the phone started to ring. People wanted to know if About Sight "actually" collected the pods. The response from the enquirer was most often one of elation, and shortly after they would present at store with their bag full of used coffee pods.


Over the next few months the deposits grew, and pretty quickly Ben was sourcing used cardboard boxes from local businesses to then fill and send to the Terracycle sortation facility in Somerton, VIC.


Hundreds became thousands, and now About Sight has helped recycle over +50,000 used coffee pods.