About Sight Goes Carbon Neutral

About Sight is always looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

We have the power!

One of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions is created by the supply and demand of dirty energy. Dirty energy, if you don't know, are those fuels that we extract from the earth that were once dinosaurs and cavemen (probably). They take significant resources to attain, including syphoning billions of taxpayer money in various government schemes.

Despite the fossil fuel industry lobbyist groups coercing our so called "democracy" and propogating misinformation, Australia has seen a steady growth in green energy solutions.

Technology has played a significant part in the green revolution, but not just in the generation. For example, when About Sight went looking for a better way to source its electricity it was impressed to learn about a Melbourne energy retailer named PowerClub.

PowerClub (not to be confused with PowerShop) ticked many of the boxes that the founder of About Sight, Ben Hill was looking for:

1. Planet - PowerClub lets the customer know when using energy is more green.

2. People - PowerClub is owned by its customers (members) = democratic

3. Profit - PowerClub gives power to the people more-so by offering transparent and forward forecasted pricing which in turn allows users to plan their electricity usage and save money.


However, he wasn't happy that the power wasn't 100% green. Unfortunately due to a slow transition away from coal fired power in Victoria, PowerClub could not make this promise. So instead, Ben opted to increase funding for tree plantations that would aid to offset the carbon created by its energy creation.

 This decision was helped when an easy assessment of electricity usage for the previous 12 months (with its then current energy supplier) identified significant savings. 

The decision was simple, do the best to reduce electricity consumption when it's not green. But regardless, offset ALL electricity usage with carbon capture.

 Seeking out a reputable partner for this task, Ben eventually landed on Greenfleet who he chose because they provided clear and perceivably honest information. 

 About Sight will review its carbon neutral claim annually in September.


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